Download the Near-Death Experience Tunnel screensaver (80kb)



NDE Tunnel

"The Weave"

Click HERE to download the coolest optical illusion software I've seen yet. Its a visual device called hypno3.exe for a very good reason. (30 kb). There are a few versions of this illusion, but this one, even though its visually simpler, is the most effective we've seen so far.


Click HERE to see the same illusion online.

   Click HERE to download the (shareware) Brainwave generator. This is a binaural tone generator that produces sounds that put you into lightly altered states. It worked pretty well for us. (1.56 Mb) (Windows)   Click HERE for a shareware demo of Self Help Subliminals. This is easy to use, allows you to create your own messages, can be turned on and off in a second from your desktop, and allows you to insert bitmap or jpg pictures as well. We tried several programs like it, but this one outperformed them all. (win9x)
Click HERE to see four good resources for online neuroanatomy and psychology (Includes screenshots)

Click HERE to download a partially-functioning demo of Brainiac!!- a software for learning Neuroanatomy. The best feature in the demo version is the functional anatomy guide which references to Brodman's areas. What, doing what, is where on the brain's surface. Easy introduction to functional neuroanatomy. (win9x)  

This is an amazingly useful link.

Free PubMed database searches. Just click: HERE.

Sorry, does not include the psychinfo database, where the webmaster appears.




Flashing lights machine for your PC. Includes schematics for making your own glasses.

"PCM MindWave is a L/S MindMachine Simulator for PCs. Instead of purchasing
expensive hardware you can now use your PC for experimenting in the exciting
field of brain stimulation."



FLASHER 3000 (30kb)


  Simple but effective tool to use your monitor as a flashing lights machine.




Download Mind Synch (151Kb) FREEWARE

DOS command-line audio program.

"will synchronize your brainwave patterns"

Requirements: DOS, sound card.

(Dos stands for "Disk Operating System")

Strobe light shareware

Flashing lights software



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