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Change Defaults

Win9x, NT, 2000 (635Kb) FREEWARE.

Manually change the defaults for opening WAVE files or any other file extension. Tutorial.

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Quick Mix

Download Quick Mix (348kb)

Quick Mix is a freeware written by Martin Saxon

QuickMix is a simple applet that allows you to store all or part of the current state of your audio mixer in a settings file, and to restore the mixer to that state whenever you want.


Check for channel swapping. Free.

  Are your left and right Audio Channels 'swapped'?

This simple utility (a wave file) will let you check. 

ShakUtil - a collection of freeware sound utilities, including recorders, tone generators, VU meters, Frequency Analyzers, Sound Card identifiers, Oscilloscopes, Fast Fourier Transform displayers, mixers, and links to download useful sharewares that cannot be included in this freeware collection. All these can be run from a single interface, as it was made using EXE4HTML.



This is the last freeware version of this simple and useful software. Later versions are more complex, functional, and expensive.




Get win9x version here

Media Player Classic.

Open source software built on the model of the old Windows Media Player - the one that was used in windows 98.

Plays the most common formats, is smaller than the more recent Windows Media Players, and allows you to play more than one sound file at once.

Useful for combining pre-recorded Laharas and drones, such as Sruti box recordings, Tambouras, etc.

Open source Freeware by


EXE4HTML (17kb)

Executables For Html

Small template for authoring off-line web sites that allows the user to run executables directly from a sub-folder in their offline website. Will not work with online websites, and will not work with netscape. Whip up your own html-based applications.

You can create shortcuts in the sub-folder to windows system files so that they can be invoked from Internet Explorer.

No more prompts for downloading. Shows the icon for any file in the sub-folder, getting your offline web sites one step closer to the look and feel of applications.

Requires: Win 9x, NT, 2000, Internet Explorer 4 or later.

  Create powerful off-line web applications with Active Ebook - Use JAVA, DHTML, Multimedia, audio, javascripts, and even executables(!) from right within the compiled ebook. Ebook creators are now powerful enough to be IDEs (integrated development environment). Get this guide to making your ebooks function like windows applications. Create software without programming. You won't believe what can be accomplished with a state of the art ebook creator. Download this guide to creating powerful ebooks. Examples and code. This guide is freeware.

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Goodwill RED (Recycled Equipment Distributor) (Based on FreeDOS)

Operating system designed for second hand and recycled computers.

Some systems may require a fresh partition for a successful install.

Fits on a floppy disk (1.1Mb) DOWNLOAD

Formats hard drive and installs a minimal DOS OS that includes diagnostic utilities that show the specs of the computer. Sell working secondhand systems without licensing issues. After install computer boots to a simple GUI that will let you run "Infoplus" (freeware version) to view a wealth of information about the computer.

HOME PAGE multimedia ebook


Hindu / Vedic icons. FREEWARE DOWNLOAD



Thai Yantra Screensaver.

A spinning cube with four Thai Yantra ("Yahn") against a Thai flame background.

Freeware. 705kb




Here is a simple utility that will show you the current state of the Geomagnetic field. (222 kb)

Shows three states:


For windows - any.

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