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A Tool Using Magnetic Stimulation For Paranormal Investigations.



"Something behind the eyes began immediately like swirls and waves. ... About 3/4 of the way through I had fallen asleep and when I coughed, a huge text/ symbol pattern came into view and I could not even decipher the text which was in an organized group like a planetary square grouping that had each square overlaid with symbols that appeared to be rune-like and in a pattern that I recognized as a data pattern only more like reading a book that changed slightly as the data was delivered. Incredible imagery! After I went to sleep, I had MANY phenomenal and memorable dream states all night. This had the feeling of one "hell of a ride"! I Loved every second of it and now I canít wait for my next session ..."

The Paranormal Shakti system is based on the work of Dr. M.A. Persinger, whose studies on paranormal phenomena, poltergeist and hauntings are well known to most paranormal investigators.The Paranormal Shakti System uses low-intensity fluctuating magnetic fields that tell the brain to respond to electrical phenomena and magnetic fields (associated with haunt episodes) in the environment. It can also help the brain to tune them out.

It uses specific signals that come from from specific areas, deep in the brain (discovered in previous EEG work). These are applied to the brain again, using magnetic fields as a medium. The brains response has been found to include paranormal perceptions when the right signals are are presented in the right way.

The Paranormal Shakti system is designed to do three things:

Increase sensitivity to paranormal phenomena for paranormal investigators while working on-site at paranormal locations.

Increase sensitivity to paranormal phenomena for paranormal investigators slowly, over time using it while away from paranormal locations.

Decreasing sensitivity to paranormal phenomena, to help victims of paranormal pollution (hauntings, etc) be less vulnerable to them. It can also help paranormal investigators who feel drained from their paranormal investigations to recover and shake off the feelings that appear from too much contact with paranormal pollution.

Most of the web pages here are taken from for the Paranormal Shakti software. The best way to learn about this unique tool for paranormal investigation is to go through those pages, and learn more about this new approach to helping people who live with the destructive effects of paranormal pollution and the unwelcome visitors that come with it. NOTE: The Online Demo is not a working version of the software. The embedded executables and the signals only run in the functional version of the software, part of the full Paranormal Shakti system.

Its based on neuroscience, and that means many of it tools and techniques will be new, even for experienced investigators.

The Paranormal Shakti system
was used on the television program Paranormal States, where it helped the crew to contact a very negative entity, which they eventually drove out of the location.

This kind of technology, which uses complicated magnetic fields (or magnetic signals) is controversial. There have been efforts to
discredit it by skeptics (none of whom ever seem to be neuroscientists), but the research continues, and goes on making the brain's role in religious and mystic experiences, out-of-body experiences, and paranormal phenomena ever more clear. Their usual claim is that the results haven't been replicated but this is simply not true, as recent research has shown.

Working with the theories and discoveries from Dr. Persinger's decades of work in spirituality and paranormal experiences means engaging some new ideas and methods. These include using magnetic signals over the head, and using a questionairre to help you decide which sessiosn to use for investigators, and how to proceed with victims of paranormal pollution.


Paranormal investigators will want to know about the tech support for this system. Tech support is by email, though each person using it is also entitled to phone tech support. Phone tech support is limited to discussing the Paranormal Shakti system. Its users should send an email request for phone tech support, and are requested not to use the order line for tech support.

Email your question about Paranormal Shakti

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"I wanted to let you know that I am completely satisfied with the Paranormal Shakti System. My favorite session is the Modulated 40 hertz 'chirp' signal over both sides followed by amygdala over the left.

What I have noticed is that I have an increased awareness to not only the paranormal; but also a spiritual awareness. I have been able to sense other beings; including beings of a higher dimensional nature. I also have an increased awareness of myself too. An awareness of my own internal processes. It has helped provide me an opportunity for healing at an emotional and spiritual level. I also find my meditations to be enhanced also. I am able to have that floating/out-of-body experience. And the effects of the sessions last. Especially after doing the (once every) 7 day sessions. I did the Modulated 40Hertz chirp signal that I mentioned above for 5 sessions. That was a few months back and I am still experiencing the results."

The Paranormal Shakti System uses software for Windows.

Requires: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or

Also Requires: Internet Explorer, version 4 or later.


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